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Get an accurate picture of your heart's health

Nuclear imaging uses cardiolite, a radioactive tracer free of iodine, to enhance images taken of your heart while at rest and during activity, allowing your doctor to check for disease and narrowed / blocked arteries.


This is a diagnostic exam used to evaluate your level of fitness, heart rate, and blood pressure in response to activity.  The images from this test will be used to assess the presence (if any) of coronary heart disease.  It is strongly recommended you not have any caffeine or nicotine 12 hours before the test, as they increase its sensitivity. You will be required to exercize on a treadmill if you have the ability. If you cannot, a pharmacological test will be administered.

Myocardial Perfusion Testing (MPI)

Your heart receives blood through your coronary arteries; if these become blocked or narrowed, your heart will not receive what it needs to properly function.  This test is used to detect the presence and significance of coronary artery disease (CAD).  Oral persantine must be discontinued 48 hours before this test, and you cannot have caffeine 12 hours beforehand, or this test will be cancelled.

Pharmacological MPI

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